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Who would have thought there were antioxidant benefits from tea and coffee

The health benefits of antioxidants are to prevent damage to body cells due to free radicals and prevent certain diseases. Apart from fruits and vegetables, antioxidants can also be obtained from coffee and tea. Both of these drinks even contain high levels of antioxidants. Free radicals derived from exposure to cigarette smoke and vehicle fumes, sunlight, and toxic chemicals can damage the composition of DNA in cells and body tissues, and can even increase the risk of certain diseases, such as cancer and heart disease. The danger of free radicals can be resisted with antioxidants. Some types of food and drinks are known to have high antioxidant content, including tea and coffee. This adds to the fame of the two types of drinks that are already worldwide. Features of Tea Against Free Radicals Here are the benefits that you can get from drinking tea: Tea contains lots of polyphenols, which are substances that act as antioxidants to reduce inflammation and help the body fight canc
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Incision wounds, treated alone or by a doctor

Incision wounds, for example because a knife is cut when cutting food, can cause pain and risk of infection if not handled properly. For that, you must first know what incision wounds that can be treated alone, and what incision wounds should be treated by a doctor. Based on the severity, the incision wound is divided into shallow and deep. Shallow incisions only cover the skin. While deep cuts, can reach more than 1 cm and can affect the tendons, muscles, ligaments, nerves, blood vessels, and even bones. Incision wounds that can be treated alone at home Shallow incision wounds we can handle independently. The following are the steps for wound care that can be done at home: Wash hands with clean water and soap before cleaning the wound. Wash the wound with running water. If the incision is large or long, do not use disinfectant or antiseptic solutions (hydrogen peroxide, alcohol, or povidoine iodine) to clean the wound, because this solution can damage and irritate the skin. P

Do not rush to take fever-lowering medicines when you have a fever

Fever that arises often makes you worried, so many choose to take antipyretic drugs immediately. In fact, it is not uncommon for people to measure body temperature using incompatible measuring devices. In addition, heat-lowering drugs should also be taken as needed and appropriate medical indications. Fever often appears along with other symptoms, such as nausea, cough, nasal congestion, sore throat, joint pain, chills, and others. However, do not immediately consider fever as an enemy and rush to treat it. In fact, most fevers have benefits and help the body fight infection. Fever Criteria Fever is a sign that the immune system is working against viral, bacterial, fungal, or other foreign substances that enter the body. The reason for handling fever is only to relieve discomfort. The cause of fever itself is very diverse, depending on the condition of each patient. Each person's normal body temperature is different. But in general, body temperature is said to be above norma